• White & Stradley devote a significant portion of their practice to protecting clients wronged by insurance companies.

Homeowner Coverage Claims

Bad Faith Homeowner Coverage Lawsuits

Homeowner’s insurance provides peace of mind to policyholders, so that they can rest assured knowing their home is protected from certain types of unforeseen damage. Policyholders trust that their insurance company will have their back when things like fire, flood, or weather damage cause harm to their safehaven, but this is not always the case.

As our homeowner insurance bad faith attorneys know first-hand, both small and large insurance companies are capable of denying policyholders’ funds that should rightfully be paid. Thankfully, we provide solutions for homeowners who are dealing with delays, denials, and other tactics insurance companies use to avoid paying benefits for claims over $50,000.

While we don’t handle property damage cases related to automobiles or boats, our insurance lawyers have ample experience helping homeowners who are simply looking for their insurance companies to honor their policies.

Do You Have a Bad Faith Homeowner Coverage Case?

If your homeowner insurance claim has been significantly delayed, wrongfully denied, or underpaid and the claim is for more than $50,000, White & Stradley, PLLC may have grounds for an insurance bad faith lawsuit against your insurance company. Our attorneys handle claims relating to all types of homeowner’s coverage disputes, including:

  • Losses due to fire damage
  • Water losses and mold damage
  • Losses due earthquake
  • Losses due to tornado
  • Injuries on property
  • Dog bites

Underinsurance is a common reason clients hire us to start lawsuits against insurance companies. By setting policy limits well below fair market value of a home, the insurer makes it impossible for a policyholder to recover the total amount of the loss. This practice sets up the insurer to avoid paying out a significant amount of funds, but leaves the homeowner high and dry, with no recourse to recovery.

Insurers may also attempt to avoid paying the right amount for a claim by using the tactic of undervaluation, which means they will lowball the homeowner when calculating how much the property is worth. This tactic protects them from paying out the true cost of repair or replacement in the event of a covered loss.

Another common dispute involves losses resulting from multiple causes. In some cases, policyholders may be asked to submit impossible types of proof, or the insurers will try to find loopholes in the contract to deny responsibility for one or both of the causes. Insurers may also use overly broad interpretations of policy exclusions to deny claims that they should pay.

What to Expect From Our Homeowner’s Insurance Lawyers

The law firm of White & Stradley, PLLC was built on the principles of integrity and personal service, with a team focus on getting maximum damages for each client. When you choose our law firm to represent you in an insurance bad faith lawsuit involving your homeowner’s coverage claim, you can expect aggressive legal strategy, thorough investigative action, and a high level of service to achieve optimal results for your case. Over the years, our team has worked hard to hold insurance companies accountable for their bad practices, and we are ready to handle whatever tricks their attorneys may have up their sleeves.

For legal assistance getting all the benefits you are entitled to under your homeowner’s insurance policy, please contact our legal team to help you fight back against bad insurance practices. If your claim is for more than $50,000, we can help you.