• White & Stradley devote a significant portion of their practice to protecting clients wronged by insurance companies.

Disability Insurance Claims

Wrongful Denial of Disability Insurance Claims Nationwide

Your ability to do your job is critical to your survival; your family depends on the regular income to keep a roof over your heads and food on the table. Investing in disability insurance is supposed to protect you and your family from financial disaster should something happen where your health becomes compromised and you can no longer bring in money to keep things moving forward. The harsh fact is that there are insurance companies throughout the US who turn their backs on the policyholders who trust them by wrongfully denying disability insurance claims that they have a legal obligation to pay. For disabled workers in desperate need of an income source, this can have devastating consequences, like foreclosure, auto repossession, or bankruptcy.

Please note that we do not handle Social Security disability cases. Our lawyers can help you if you have a private disability insurance plan, as opposed to one obtained through the government or your employer.

How a Disability Insurance Lawyer Can Help

Our bad faith disability insurance claims attorneys devote a significant amount of time to helping clients who are hurt and unable to work fight back against insurance companies who are withholding the benefits that are enumerated in their private insurance policy. From day one, we will work hard to protect your rights to be compensated for a justifiable disability through expert legal strategy.

Our team investigates each client’s case with passion and devotion, aggressively seeking to right the wrong as if we were pursuing a solution for our own family members. We’ll analyze your policy carefully and review all communication you’ve had with your insurer to pinpoint actions that could justify an insurance bad faith lawsuit. Most policyholders know that they’re being treated unfairly, but they aren’t sure how to go about getting proof.

Our skilled insurance bad faith attorneys will collaborate with experienced lawyers in your area to take care of this process and help you understand the laws governing insurance practices and how you’re rights are being violated. Ultimately, our goal is to recover damages for the financial harm that the insurer’s actions have caused you.

What Constitutes an Illegal Insurance Practice?

Disability insurers have been found guilty of bad faith insurance practices like delaying valid claims indefinitely, denying claims that should have been paid, underpaying claims, unwarranted cancellation of policies, and other tactics that keep them from paying deserving policyholders. One common type of avoidance is retroactive cancellation of policies based on a nonexistent or non-excluded pre-existing condition. In some cases, insurance companies have been known to hire private investigators and claim the policyholder is committing insurance fraud, even when no evidence of fraud exists.

If you’re hurt and unable to work due to injury, accident, or disease, and your private disability insurer is making things difficult for you, please contact the bad faith disability insurance lawyers at White & Stradley to hold the insurance company responsible for its unethical practices. Our team is proud to help hardworking clients avoid financial hardship by working to get the full amount of compensation they are entitled to under their private policies.